Gerbing Y Splitter Cable

Gerbing Y Splitter Cable


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The Gerbing splitter is an accessory that was initially developed for our Gerbing electrically heated socks and heated gloves at 12 volts. When you want to use the electrically heated gloves and heated socks at the same time with only 1 connection to the (motor) battery.

The Gerbing splitter makes it possible to connect 2 products to 1 battery cable. For example, it is possible to connect both electrically heated socks and electrically heated gloves to the splitter so that there is only one connection to the battery. Only the Gerbing electrically heated 12 volt products can be connected to the splitter. Also, when using the Gerbing splitter, we recommend using a temperature control for gloves and socks. For the socks, use a TC single portable and a junior controller for the gloves.

Our electrically heated gloves and socks will become hotter and feel warmer as the outside temperature increases. With a temperature controller you can control the heat itself.

With the splitter you make your heated gloves and socks one heating system. That is, the clothes will get a bit hot. If you want to heat the products separately, use the dual temperature controller (digital TC dual portable heat exchanger). This can heat 2 products separately, so you do not need a splitter.

The splitter also needs you if you have a combination of a heated jacket and heated gloves. The gloves can be connected to jacket sleeves, but in the jacket are two separate pipes (one for the inner jacket and one for the gloves), which requires a splitter to power both leads.
With this combination, using a dual temperature controller, you do not need a splitter.


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