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Gerbing 12V Dual Temperature Controller

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The Gerbing digital dual portable temperature controller makes it possible to regulate the temperature of two products separately using one controller.  Please see details below.

Each product’s heat will be shown by numbers 1 - 5 in each window of the unit. 1 being the lowest setting, 5 being the highest setting. (Some of the later models show 2,4,6,8, A where 2 is the lowest setting (20%) and A is the highest setting (100%))

This dual controller can be easily connected straight to the battery harness and to the connection plug of two different items. You can use the dual portable temperature controller as follows :-

Plug directly into jacket using the jacket (white) and glove (black) connections to control the jacket and gloves independently.

Plugging trousers into the accessory connector (yellow) at the same time allows these to be controlled along with the gloves but independently of the jacket.

Plugging socks into the trousers using the connectors at the ankles means that the socks trousers and gloves (if used) are all controlled on one heat circuit and the jacket on the other.

In short whatever combination of clothing items you plug together, the jacket will always be on one circuit and everything plugged in, on another. When you use the controller for the first time you must connect it to the battery harness and press both buttons together for a few seconds to activate. Wires are UL listed and completely safe, in all weather conditions.This digital dual portable controller can be used with the heated jackets, vests and trousers it is not designed to be used with gloves or socks. This controller allows the user to tailor the heat to there own specific needs.

The cables are completely safe in all weather conditions. The unit is designed to be temporarily fitted to your belt or bike or simply popped in your pocket.

The Dual Controller can also be paired with our new
Gerbing Wireless Remote Control Unit

This product has a three year warranty.

***PLEASE NOTE: The leads from the unit to the jacket are shorter than those shown in the picture and measure 20cm***

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