B7V-2500 7 Volt Rechargeable Battery x1

B7V-2500 7 Volt Rechargeable Battery x1



B7V-2500 7 Volt Rechargeable Battery x1

For all our new style 7 Volt products we have developed the B7V-2500 battery.

Connect the battery to the 7v Gerbing heated garment, and use the click button on the garment to control the temperature from Green to Amber through to maximum Red. 

Durability of 2.2 amp batteries

Green 33% = 8 hours
Amber 66% = 5 hours
Red 100% = 2 hours

Actual run time may vary depending on ambient temperature. Battery capacity decreases in very cold weather, especially if the
battery is not insulated, and is left exposed to the elements. At less than -5°C a battery may only produce 80% of its capacity.

A more powerful 3.4 amp battery is available for longer lasting heat

All of our 7 volt heated gloves, 7 volt heated jackets, vests and 7 volt heated socks have a battery kit included. A kit contains two batteries and one dual charger.

Our 7 volt heated specialty products like the heated seat cushion, heated back wrap (kidney belt) and the heated handwarmer only have one battery and a charger included. The batteries can be recharged hundreds of times. To increase the life of the batteries you need to follow our guide, visit our Support 'Gerbing Product Care' section to find out more.

The 7 volt junior controller is our newest product. This controller has been developed to use our 7 volt gloves and 7 volt socks with a 12 volt battery of a vehicle. If you connect the 7 volt junior controller to a 12 volt battery cable than the controller will convert 12 volt into 7 volt. This way you will not have to use the portable batteries (B7V-2500). The 7 volt junior controller looks and works the same as our 12 volt junior controller. The controller also has four temperature settings.

NOTE! The 7 volt junior controller can only be used on 7 volt heated gloves and 7 volt heated socks. It is not possible to connect 12 volt gloves and 12 volt socks on the 7 volt junior controller.


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